Leg Day Finisher

Drop sets are a great way to get in a lot of work in a short amount of time. They are also great for getting a combination of strength and muscular endurance work in. Whether you’re short on time or you want a great finisher at the end of your workout, drop sets are awesome.

Here is a unilateral leg finisher.

2-3 Sets:
Bulgarian Split Squat Drop Set
6-8 Reps Heavy
6-8 Reps Moderate
6-8 Reps Light
Max Reps Bodyweight
Rest 3 minutes Between Sets

As you perform this sequence, take not and see if you have a discrepancy between right and left. Not only with the weight used, but does your balance, stability and form start to breakdown at different points. See if you can be consistent with the max reps, push the weight leading into it. Two sets will most likely be adequate for most.