Only a Couple Spot Left!!! Strength Class and Optional Oly Meet!!!

Our last session of the Strength Class was a huge success.  This time we’re looking to make it even better and conclude with the Roots Fall Oly meet, which is going to be held at Functional Fitness Roots on November 16th. (Participation in the Oly Meet isn’t mandatory, but highly encouraged!!!).  Whether your goal is to improve your lifting technique, get stronger or compete in a Weightlifting Competition this class will help get you there.  This class will take place on Thursday nights at 6:15.  Thursdays are a known rest day for many athletes especially the competition programmed athletes.  The first several weeks of this class will be focused specially on improving form and technique and not to lifting a lot of heavy lifting.  Therefore if fall into this category and wish to participate in the class, you can sign up for the first half of the class for a discounted rate.  Beginning that said this class will be extremely beneficial.  This class will be dedicated to improving the Squat, Snatch, Clean, Jerk, along with other lifts.  In addition this class will also help teach specific mobility drills that will help improve those hard to get into positions.  The class will have limited spots available to ensure that all athletes get the most out of the class and coaching.  The class will be $75 for the seven weeks.  If you wish to sign up for the Roots Fall Oly Meet Click Here, the cost is $15.  If you have any questions please ask let us know.  

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