Some New Year Reminders!!

  • Quick reminder that you MUST be signing in for classes on Mind Body! The link is at the top of the page. It seems that everyone has become lack with signing in. We need you to be signing in as soon as you know when you are coming. Just a heads up for class 30 min before class is scheduled to start do not expect a coach to show up! We will be checking the sign in before each class and the burpee penalty will be back in place!
  • Now is also a good time to remind everyone that you need to be ready to start class 5 min before class is supposed to start Lately we have had more and more stragglers that are 5 or 10 min late. We do our best to always start on time and expect you to do the same. You need to be warmed up before you get into the WOD and if you miss half of the warm up you are setting yourself up for injury not to mention it is rude to your fellow classmates. Burpees penalty will also be more strict again. Every min you are late is 5 burpees If you come more than 10 min late, you will not be allowed to join class.
  • If you have not written your January goal on the garage door, grab a crayon and do it ASAP!

Thanks gang and lets make 2013 our best year yet!!!


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