Saturday, November 21

WOD: Its a surprise!!

Come cheer on Trevor and Bran this weekend!

We have 2 these AWESOME Athletes, Brandon Mericle and Trevor Dravland competing this weekend at the MBS Turkey Challenge!! Both will be competing in the same Heats throughout the weekend

Saturday WOD 1: 12:00PM, WOD 2: 4:06 PM ( Pat just moved these each back 30 min)

Sunday WOD 3: 11:03 PM, WOD 4: 2:36 PM

Sunday FINAL WOD: 3:30 PM

There is also a Floater Obstacle Course WOD!!!

Let’s get out there and root them on to VICTORY!!!

Also Lauren is lifting at Roots on Sat at 10 🙂

**please note there is NO Open gym on Sunday!

**Sat. We are not cancelling the 9:45 officially but if you can make the 8:30 pls pls do. I would love to get to MBS sooner than later for Trevor and Brandon! Thanks in advance!!