Saturday and Maximize your Metabolism

We will have s slightly modified schedule on Saturday. We will be doing a class at 7:45 that will go till about 9:00 and then class at 9:30. The reason for this is that we would love to see all of you at Dr. Joe’s office for his free presentation. If you have never been to one of Joe’s presentations you are missing out! Even if you think you have Paleo and everything else nailed, I guarantee you will learn something new. I do every time. And if you are still working on getting your nutrition in line this will be incredibly helpful. His presentations are usually $29 but this one is free to this is the weekend to capitalize and make yourself smarter!

This is what he will be covering this time:

Would you like to get sugar cravings under control?
Would you like to learn easy meal planning?
What foods are helping you and which are hurting you?
How can you lose weight during the holidays?

Presentation is at 9:30 on Saturday Dec 6th, at this office:

Maximized Living

10673 Melody Drive

Northglenn, Co 80234


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