Saturday 110305

Remember we are only having the 8:30 class at the gym today.  The 930 session will be heading to Red Rocks, everyone is more than welcome to join in on the fun.  Feel free to meet us at the gym or you can also meet us at Red Rocks at 1030 on the stage. Let us know if you have any questions, this will be a blast.


Part A:

For Time: (8 Minute Cap)

  • 100 Hand Release Push Ups
  • 100 Ring Dips

*Reps can be broken up as you which, goal is to complete in as few sets as possible.

Part B:

AMRAP in 6 Minutes

  • 5 Pull Ups
  • 8 Sumo Deadlift High Pull 70#/55#

Part C:

Death by Burpees

  • Perform 1 burpee, at the top of the second minute perform 3 burpee, minute 3 perform 5 burpees and ect….

*Scaled version will be add 1 burpee to each round at the top of each minute.

While on the path of ultimate fitness, we are all going to experience injuries of temporary set backs.  However, no matter what it is always important to continue moving along the path.  The great and amazing thing about Functional Fitness is that every WOD is scalable and exercise can always be substituted.  If you ever think your too injured or beat up to come in and get your workout in, check out this video here and it will help you realize that no matter what the circumstance maybe we can all benefit from moving.  Therefore the next time you have an injury or your just feeling sorry for yourself, know that every WOD can be scaled and you can still reap the rewards.

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