Saturday 103010


For Time:

  • Run 200 Meters
  • 30 Star Jumps
  • 15 Push up Thrust
  • 10 Broad Jump

 Repeat  4 times, then run back to the gym.

Coaches Thoughts:Today’s WOD was a little more challenging than I thought it was going to be and I am glad I did the WOD so I could understand how bad your legs were burning during the run! We had a beautiful day for the run, and the looks we got from the cars on the street were pretty priceless! The star jumps were a new movement for us in a WOD and I think we should have done a little better job with making sure everyone understood the movement before we got started. Just to clarify the basics of the star jump are…1) good air squat, hips back and touch your toes 2)jump into the air so that you are in a “star”, meaning that feet and arms are out in an X while you are off the ground 3)land in a squat with feet directly under your hips so that you ar ready to go again. We had a few members doing the movement as a toe touch, then jumping jack, which is definitely a much easier movement. I decided while doing them that I might dislike them as much as burpees! Great quad workout for sure! I was proud of everyone for pushing as hard as you did especially after doing Karen(150 Wall balls) for time the day before. My athlete of the day goes to Lincoln. For those of you that don’t know, Lincoln is Susan and Aaron’s son, who is almost 4. We asks him to show us a burpee yesterday and so he did, and then continued to do about 15 in a row without stopping and with perfect form. WOW, I wish my burpees looks as good as his. The kids at the gym always remind me why we do Functional Fitness…because if we do not train a movement we will lose it. We are all on a mission to get our squats back to how they were when we were 4, and to want to just do burpees because someone asks us to!!! Honorable mention goes to Jason F who stayed through the second class to work on his deadlift but also to cheer on the 9:30 crew. Also Justin who was working on his deadlift….but was reminded a valuable lesson,  if you don’t engage your core through the whole movement, you might end up tweaking your back. Hope your feeling a little better today Jus.

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