Satruday 31 Hero’s WOD

We will be hosting for the second year the 31 Hero’s WOD on Saturday August 4th (this Saturday). Sorry for the late notice, we just realized that it is happening already. Our link should be up by tomorrow at the latest so you can get registered.

We will ne doing the 31 Heroes WOD at both classes on Saturday. Howere, this will not be a good first time drop in Saturday. Please if you have any chance of making it, get signed up. We want to honor those lost serving our country as well as the Surge family members that have served or are serving in the military! f you are not able to make the WOD on Saturday you can still donate as a member of Surge Elite Performance & Fitness. Just follow the instruction on the web as soon as our link it live!


The 31Heroes Project came about in response to the Chinook helicopter crash that took place on August 6, 2011 killing 30 military service members and one military working dog. Our first event was a fundraiser workout held four weeks after the day of the crash. In that short time, over 430 gyms hosted an event, more than 10,000 people participated, and $300,000 was raised and given directly to the 30 families affected. Through this event we quickly discovered that many of us in the Functional Fitness community have a strong desire and will to support those that have given the ultimate sacrifice to our country and its citizens. Men and women of our armed forces are giving their lives constantly, sometimes with minimal recognition for their sacrifice or that of their family’s sacrifice. However, when 31 of our brave were killed in action on August 6th, we could not naively standby. For us, the sacrifice of our 31 heroes was a catalyst, driving us to realize that it is our responsibility as Americans to take care of all surviving families of our fallen military heroes. These men and women have died protecting our freedom and in response we will take care of their loved ones. 31Heroes became “The 31Heroes Project”. If it weren’t for the sacrifice these 31 made, we wouldn’t be here, called to action and on this mission. Our gratitude for the sacrifice of the 31 could not be greater and because of it, we are setting out on this task of showing each American family that has had to sacrifice a loved one that we support them and stand behind them. All funds raised will go to programs that support surviving families of all military heroes that have been killed while protecting our freedom.


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