Post “Resolution” Seminar This Thursday @ 6:15

Clear your schedules for this Thursday, February 3rdat 6:15 we will be holding a Post “Resolution” Seminar.  Statistically by now most of you who decided against our no resolution post and made one have either all ready fallen off or are on the verge of falling off your resolution bandwagon.  This seminar is going to focus on how to set goals that will last, how to accomplish these goals, holding yourself accountable, self talk, motivation, planning, nutrition, and exercise.  We hear just about everyday people talk about wanting to accomplish a goal but just don’t know where to start.  This seminar will help, whether your goals pertain to exercise and nutrition or not this seminar will help.  Bring your friends, family even your pets we don’t care just make sure you attend this seminar.  In addtion thanks to Justin, Surge Elite Performance & Fitness has finalized its first addition Nutrition and WOD Journal.  This Journal is packed full of great information about the Zone and Paleo diets, it has a section where you can list your WOD’s right next to your daily nutritional intake, PR charts, a goal setting section and much more.  The seminar will be $15 to attend which includes a Surge Elite Performance & Fitness Journal.  Stop letting yourself get by with “I wish I would have,” it’s time to accomplish what you want to accomplish.  Make sure your there February 3rd at 6:15 pm, friends and family are more then welcome.  It should last about 2 hours. We will be talking some but also asking you guys to answer some questions and will be having round table discussions on what works for you all and what doesn’t. The support of your friends and Surge family will help you more than Brandon and I could alone!