Nutrition Q&A Tuesday Night

We have an informal and possibly formal nutrition challenge that started last week. I would like to get more people involved and make sure everyone is on the right track for the challenge. It is Zone or Paleo or Zone/Paleo. This will not be a a seminar but instead a Q&A. If you are interested in coming please read the Paleo and Zone infor that we have posted…follow the links. I will not be explaining the diets but instead helping with questions. If you need help with what to read before Tuesday please let me know. DO NOT COME Tuesday night if you have not taken the time to at least try to understand Zone and Paleo. We will be doing the seminar at 6:15 at the gym. There will also be normal class at 6:15 Tuesday as well. Please RSVP so that I know how many people to expect. Also if you started your journal last week please bring it in tomorrow or Tuesday, we can talk about those as well Tuesday night.

Looking forward to EVERYONE doing AWESOME at this challenge! If you are on FB we have a group going for the challenge. Let me know if you would like to be added to the group. If we are not friends on FB, find me 🙂


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