Monday 100719

With the conclusion of this years Functional Fitness games I just want to say that it was truly amazing and inspirational watching all of this years competitors compete.  However, the games are only a small part of what Functional Fitness is.  There is little debate that those who competed dedicated themselves to their training and nutritional programs and earned the right to be called the “Fittest People on Earth.”  On the other hand Functional Fitness is much more about those who battle everyday to get back what they haven’t had in years or have never had.  All those people who come into the box’s across the world to learn how to properly squat, press and deadlift.  Learn how to perform the functional movements that makes Functional Fitness so effective.  I hope that everyone who watched this years games or follows the athletes uses them as motivation, but also remember that those athletes face the same battles that all of you deal with everyday.  I guarantee not a single one of those athletes didn’t have day’s or even weeks where they didn’t want to train or eat right.  They dedicated themselves to being the best in which they could be this year.  Everyday is much more of an internal and mental battle rather than a physical battle, if you can make a promise to yourselves to get better each day you will sucessed and most likely obtain whatever goal it is your shooting for.   So promise yourself today that no matter what I’m going to work as hard as I can at everything that I do, whether it’s brushing your teeth or performing a squat.  Focus and make that the best performance you’ve ever done, once you begin to make this a routine you will be amazed by the things you will accomplish.

Skill Work:

Barbell Clean


4 Rds For Time:

  • Back Squat 9 225#/135#
  • Pull Ups 12
  • Sit Ups 15

* This is going to be done as an interval workout.  Perform each round for time and rest 2 minutes between rounds.