MBS Turkey Challenge..Late notice, sorry

MSB is hosting a Functional Fitness Turkey Challenge on Saturday Nov 20th in Broomfield. We would love to have some athletes come out and play. Brandon and I are signed up, as are Jamie, Susan, and Aaron. Amie and Jason are going to sign up as is Courtney V if she can get the day off! Let us know if you are interested. There are 3 different divisions with the intermediate division allowing scaling so anyone can join in! If you sign up by today…again sorry for the late notice, it is $25 or if you sign up after it is $35.

There will be a 5K, then Functional Fitness Total which is max load for deadlift, shoulder press and back squat, and then an unknow WOD.

Men’s/Women’s Elite– can perform all Functional Fitness-style workouts as prescribed with no substitutions. May include handstand pushups, muscle ups, pistols, and Olympic lifts.

Men’s/Women’s Open– can perform most Functional Fitness-style workouts as Rx with few modifications. Will not include handstand pushups, muscle ups, pistols.

Men’s/Women’s Intermediate– can perform basic bodyweight, barbell, and Olympic movements with modifications. Scaling will be allowed in Intermediate class. 


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