Let’s Go “Tri” June 8th!



We decided yesterday morning, thanks to Lu and his suggestion that we should get a bunch of Surge athletes together and do a triathlon. Lots of people have shown interest and this is the best intro triathlon! It is the shortest tri possible.

It’s the Broomfield Mini Haha and it consists of 300 yard swim, 11 mile bike, and 2 mile run! Hey that’s way me easier than “Bull” or ¬†” Manion” right!

It’s Sunday June 8th!

Here is the link to get registered! We will also out together  schedule for some endurance specific days and some days at the pool! Pretty sure we talked JD unto some swim coaching too!


I’m going to call people out! So far people that are interested or in are:

  • Hollyn
  • Carlye
  • Brandon
  • Me (court)
  • Mary
  • JD
  • CJ
  • Britt
  • Juliet
  • Ryan
  • Mel
  • Denise
  • Lance
  • Lu
  • Lauren

Who else is interested??