Learning and remembering to not get old!!!

Brandon and I were blessed with the opportunity tonight to meet an amazing man. We went way south to buy a set of parrell bars from him. Obviously we knew nothing about him other than where he lived and that he had what we were looking for. When we arrived at his house we were greeted by an older gentleman that took us to the garage and told us that they were his son’s and he was selling them for him. However then he went on to tell us that he used to be a gymnast as well and that he still lifts weights. Which is awesome…but then it gets VERY impressive. He is 78 years young, has a high bar in his back yard that he still uses, and explains to us that he can do muscle ups with ease and all you need is the “pop”. He is still able to do 100lbs ground to overhead and¬†rides his road bike 2400 miles a year. Humm, you could say that we are impressed, however then he tells us that he got hit by a car on his bike in May…he dented the windshield, broke his helmet in 6 places, broke a few ribs etc. The doctors told him that if he didn’t have so much muscle and wasn’t in such great condition he would be dead. Now I think there are a lot of people that would be a little gun shy after a crash like that…at any age, but that has not kept im off his bike, of his high bar! We talked with him for a good 1/2 hour about life, attitude and exercise. In our opinion he has life figured out and is living how we hope to be when we are that age or this age for that matter. Bob gave us a sign that will be in the office tomorrow, that basically says we should all be thankful for the opportunity to work everyday doing something that we love! Brandon and I are so thankful for all of our memebers and everything that you bring to the gym daily!¬† We were not so happy to spend an hour in hot truck, with no AC and crazy traffic, but after meeting Bob, it was well worth the drive! We hope someday we will convince him to come to the gym and do a WOD with us! So just rmember the stronger you are today the stronger you will be later in life! You don’t stop doing what you love(working out, riding, playing etc) because you get old, you get old because you stop doing what you love!

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