Half Way Through the Challenge!!!!

Ok everyone today marks the beginning of week 3 for the “30 Day Zone Challenge.”  Most of you are starting to figure out your blocks and eating schedules.  For this week let’s all continue striving for eating every couple of hours and not allowing more than 4 hours between meals.  In addition we know that life can get hectic at times and can make it hard to eat the healthiest of choices, however don’t let that be a reason for letting yourself off the hook from this challenge.  Every challenge in life is exactly that a challenge; whether it’s food, exercise, work, or your family there are challenges everywhere and everyday.  Make the conscious decision about what is important to you and  don’t let anything stand in your way.   Along with eating more frequently let’s all increase the amount of vegetables and fruits that we are eating.  Goal for this week is to have at least half your carbohydrate sources come from veggies and fruits.  By doing this you will be rewarded by a larger quantity of food, since the Zone relies on the glycemic index the better the food is for you the more you get to eat.  Therefore make better choices and you will be rewarded for it.  Keep up the hard work, if you have any comments or questions please let us know.