Gym Etiquete

There are a few other thing we need to address as far as the gym goes:

  1.  We have been having some issues lately with people leaving trash everywhere.  There has been a ton of tape, cups, empty water bottles, and paper towel left around the gym lately. We hate to have to remind you guys of this because you are all grown adults and should be able to pick up after yourselves, but please pay attention to your trash. If you use a cup, throw it away, throw away your bottles! Please be respectful of the gym and your fellow members!
  2. We have also had some issues with equipment not being put away. Today was the worst it has been the dumbbells were literally three feet in front on the rack, in total disarray, THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!
  3. Lastly, we have had some issues we people throwing and dropping weights when not necessary. The equipment is not cheap! Here are some examples that are not ok, and we will make you do burpees from here on out if you do any of the following: Drop KB’s..I understand every now and then you truly can’t hold on, but if you drop it from over head or are throwing it down because you are done and mad, tthat is not ok! IT is NEVER ok to drop an empty bar. They will break and I am sure that no one wants to pay $300 to replace a bar because you were being lazy. When you are putting the bumper plates away, do not throw them at the rack..FYI the rack will break and so will the wall. Please set the weights in the rack.
  4. Please do not park in front of the copy center that is next door to us before 5pm. We have been taking her spots and she is not happy so please make sure you leave those spots empty! Thank you!

I am sorry for having to bring any of this up! Please remember this is YOUR gym so please show it the respect you would show your own house!

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