Great Weekend!!!

This last weekend Copper Mountain hosted the first ever Warrior Dash in Colorado.  There were an estimated 11,000 participants of whom I heard the majority of which were Functional Fitnessers.  Courtney and I had the great privilege of spending this weekend in Copper Mountain with a few of our members.  The entire weekend was excellent, great people watching, good food, and most of all it allowed each of us to get to know each otherout side of the gym.  Which by the way I have to admit, it was hard recognizing some of you without gym attire on and not drenched in sweat.  This weekend reiterated what a great community the Functional Fitness community is.  We met and were able to mingle with Functional Fitnessers throughout all of Colorado, and even across the nation.  I met John who came all the way out here from Georgia, and works out at Functional Fitness Atlanta.  It always amazes me how two people who have never seen or talked before can share a common bound and relate to each other because of Functional Fitness.  I feel blessed everyday to be a part of this community, it changed me not just physically but as a human being all around.

The Surge crew came out in full force while we were on the mountain.  This years participants who ran and pr0vieded motivation included Chris A, Zach, Aaron, Susan, Shannon, Karmen, Jason, Amie, and Rick.  I truly wish I could find the words for how proud Courtney and I were of all of you this weekend.  It was honor spending the weekend with all of you, and having you all represent our box in such a great fashion.  Thank you so much for being in our lives, we are blessed everyday to able to coach you, but even more we are blessed to call you our friends.   Brandon in the mud pit, care of Shannon and Karmen!

Just a little dirty!
Enjoying some down time Saturday afternoon!
Happy 6th Anniversary to the Hastings! Thanks for letting us celebrate with you!