Great Job and Farewell Wishes

A huge congrats and great job goes out to Jake Fouts and JD White for there amazing effort over the weekend.  They both competed in the Abdominal Snowman Competition on Saturday.  We weren’t able to be their in person for their first couple events do to morning classes, but we were able to watch them perform the last two workouts.  You both did great and we as coaches couldn’t be prouder and more blessed to have the both of you represent Surge Elite Performance & Fitness the way you did.

This was Jake’s first ever Functional Fitness competition did an outstanding job.  Especially considering he’s been hosting some friends all weekend and getting ready to his head out to San Diego on Monday for Basic Bootcamp for the Marines.  Watching him compete was truly an honor, when we first met Jake we didn’t think he would ever want to compete.  Jake showed amazing heart fighting and working his tail off on the last WOD, which was an absolute leg and grip burner.  Overall Jake finished 20th overall, which is incredible given the circumstances and that it was his first comp.  Thank you for all your hard work Jake, your truly an amazing person and a great athlete.  It was a pleasure being able to coach you from day one and especially at your 1st comp.  Your going to do amazing things in the Marines, I hope you know you’ll be missed.  Our thoughts and prayers will be with you each day, thank you for your service to our great country and we can’t wait to see you when you get back.

Lately JD has become the face of any local competition and with each one he has grown as a Functional Fitness athlete.  Since day one of the additional strength program JD has been consistent and extremely hard working, and even on some occasions to hard working where it takes some coaching to get him to back off.  Saturday he was able to show that all that hard work pays off.  He was consistent in each event and had a 2nd place finish in the last event.  This great effort and consistency landed JD on the podium, where he finished 2nd overall.