Get out of Pain and back to Confidence & Independence

When we refer to functional movements, we’re referring to the ability of a movement to physiologically mimic that of the movement patterns we perform throughout our day.

Val here initially came in with severe hip pain and discomfort. So much she was extremely limited to any hip Flexion and extension.

In this video Val is performing a slamball to plate form exercise. This has been a progression over some time. We started with elevated deadlifts off blocks and plate or kettlebell deadlifts from the floor. We than progressed to dynamic hip extension with kettlebell swings. Then to this video where she’s performing an increased range of motion deadlift with the slamball and explosive hip extension to assist in lifting the ball to the plate form.

This has been a work in progress, and the credit must go to Val for the consistent effort she puts in. After going through our thorough assessment, we were able to identify her limitations. It is still a work in progress but as you can see she is making major progress.

If you’ve been limited by pain and discomfort and want to get back to being active. Send us a message to schedule a free initial assessment.