Games Recap/Sunday Heat Times

Today was a great day again! Anna and Brandon did not disappoint. The first WOD of the day was 21-15-9 Deadlift and Box Jump. The men’s weight was 315# with 205# for the ladies, and a 30″ box for the men/24″ for the ladies. Neither Brandon or Anna were very excited about this WOD but they both did great. Anna got a 4 min PR and other than a pretty nice dent in her shin she was no worse for wear. Brandon was hoping to do the WOD in under 5 but honestly didn’t think it was possible. He got the first 21 deads unbroken and managed to go touch and go on the box jumps. He finished in 4:38 which was a 1 min PR from when he did it in the gym. He was happy with his time but it still only got him 11th in the WOD there were some REALLY fast guysl Tommy Hackenbruck and Eric O’Connor put up sub 4 min times! The 100 WOD was next. After a rainstorm and rain delay, the sun came out in time for the last WOD. Anna was up first and did great. She rocked at all of the movements, which were pull ups, KB swings 35#, double under and overheard squat 65#. There was a 25 min time cap but Anna was able to get through the first 3 100’s and then 61 over head squats! So proud of you girl. There were only 2 girls that were able to finish the WOD within the time cap.  Brandon was up next. I know that for me, WOD 4 was an emotional roller coaster. He was 2nd off the pull up bar and done with his 100 pull ups in 3:15, and then…..the KB swings did not go so well. His forearms were toast and he was struggling to hold on to the KB.  He finally got through them, and I believe my voice was gone at the point from yelling “Pick up the kettlebell”. He managed to go unbroken on the 100DU’s which was great cause he needed to make up some time. He moved on to the overhead squats and KILLED them! He is an OH squat machine and it showed. He finished 4th and a minute faster than he had done it in the gym

We can’t thank you guys enough for coming out and supporting the athletes. I know I keep saying it but I mean it more and more everyday! We are TRULY BLESSED to have you all as part of our SURGE family! Thank you to everyone for taking the time to come out and cheer and to rock your new t-shirts! We came up with a new slogan. Blood, sweat and tears(as in rips on your hands)…tears(water from your eyes) optional!

Only the top 14 men and women go on tomorrow. Anna finished 17th overall so she will not be competing tomorrow. Anna we are SO proud of you and SO happy to have you as part of our family! Thanks for making us proud and for working your butt off the last two days!

Brandon did make the cut and will be competing tomorrow at 10:50 and 1:20! See you all tomorrow!!!!

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