Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Surge Elite Performance & Fitness – Surge Muscle

Metcon (No Measure)

A1) In 6 Sets:

Build to today’s Heavy 2-4 RM of Barbell Incline Bench

A2) 1 Set:

After you complete your heaviest set. Drop weight 10% and perform an AMRAP at this weight.

B) 3 Sets:

Push Up or Dip Variation x 10-20

*Add weight if able to

C1) 3 Set:

Hand Anchored Landmine Row x 8-12

*Choose a different horizontal row variation then you used in the first 3 weeks.

C2) 3 Sets:

Banded Triple Threat x 20 (Face Pull + External Rotation + Banded Press)

D1) 3 Sets:

Prone Dead Stop DB Rear Delt Fly x 6-12 (Lying face down on bench, bring db’s to floor pause and then lift)

D2) 3 Sets:

Bradford Press x 6-12 (over and back equals 1 rep. Do NOT lock out arms, keep constant tension)

D3 ) 3 Sets:

1 ½ rep DB lateral Raise x 6-12 (Raise to shoulder height, bring back down ½ way and then back up)

D4) 3 Sets:

Plate Bus Drivers x 6-12 (Use a plate extend it at shoulder height and rotate as if you’re driving)

E) 3 Sets:

Biceps Curl Variation x 8-12