Congrats William and Happy Anniversary!!!

Two years ago we were blessed and honored the have William Lee become a part of our Surge Elite Performance & Fitness Family.  On his first day Courtney told him we’re going to start with jump roping and with a puzzled look his response was I’ve never done this before.  Looking back it’s almost unbelievable how far he has come in that time period.  We couldn’t be more proud and honored to be able to say you’re part of our family.  Thank you for all your dedication and hard work over the last two years.  The exciting thing is you’ve just scratched the surface for what you can do and accomplish.

William had this to say regarding his anniversary:

“2 years ago, my bff Amie Adams-Shea introduced me to a “box” that changed my life. I found health, happiness and wonderful new friends. I am blessed with the best crossfit coaches Courtney Mericle, Brandon Mericle, Nettie Jenkins, Bobby Bateman and Scott Brayshaw and I am inspired daily by my family at Surge Elite Performance & Fitness!!!”