A Lot of Announcements!!!

First off we’d like to congratulate Christina Mulholland for being selected a Rage Fitness Ambassador.  She has always been extremely hard working and not only is she crazy dedicated to what she sets her mind to but is also one of the most caring and compassionate we’ve every met.  Each day is a privilege to have the opportunity to coach her and it’s nice to see others finally recognize it. 

Next week we will be performing some annual testing.  The week will consist of each day having some specific tests to perform.  During this week if your membership is normally 3 days a week you get to come in the unlimited amount to ensure you hit all the testing days.  We will post the WOD and Test early so you can all get mentally prepared.

Following the week of testing we will be changing up our programming a little bit.  Our goal has always been to provide all the athletes at Surge Elite Performance & Fitness with the absolute best training we can provide.  With that being said, we realize that each and every athlete who comes in each day has different goals and different ability levels.  So the new programming is going to be tailored with that in mind, “Goal-Based.”  This means we will be offering three different type of programming to choose from. 

Essentials – The goal with this program is to focus on the Essential movement.  During an “Essentials” workout athletes will be exposed to a wide variety of movements with the main goal being proper movements and mechanics not intensity, which makes this program great for beginners.  However this program isn’t meant specifically for beginners, like all our programs the workouts can be scaled to challenge any athletes fitness level.  The “Essentials” program is a great option for the athlete looking to be strong and lean for the long term.

Performance – This program will be pretty much our normal programming.  These workouts will consist of a greater degree of intensity and complexity.  They’ll expose athletes to all aspects of strength and conditioning – gymnastics, Olympic lifting, Power lifting, running, jumping, throwing, etc… The “Performance” program is a great option for athletes looking to take their fitness to new levels and to push themselves beyond what they thought was possible. 

Competition – This program will be meant the athlete who wants to make Functional Fitness their sport.  Functional Fitness continues to push the boundaries of human performance, and in the “Sport of Fitness” the demands of high levels of skill and coordination along with strength, speed, power and endurance.  The “Competition” programming will be designed to help athletes prepare for elements likely to be contested in a Functional Fitness competitions, but also prepare them to be as adept and well-rounded as possible to excel in the unknown elements of our ever growing sport.

These programs are meant to chosen with your #1 goal in mind.  With that being said these programs are not and will not be interchangeable.  Meaning if a workout is written for one of the other programs and you’d prefer to do that one over the workout that is written for the program your following you don’t get to choose the other programs WOD.  Each workout and prescription is written with a specific intent, and picking and choosing which program you want to follow on the given day is no different then “Cherry Picking.” There will be days where the all three programs may do the same thing.  The hopes in this programming is to allow all athletes to feel welcome and successful in the program.  Being that we’ve been open now for 3 years we have a vast variety of ability levels from high level athlete to individuals learning how to pick objects up correctly, and hopefully this will make things a bit easier for everyone.  If you’re unsure as to what program may suit you best or if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Lastly Scott and been working his tail off with some help in designing a new website for us, and it looks awesome.  We hope to launch the new site in the near future so look forward to that as well.  But once again please ask us any questions if you need help.


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