3rd Annual Winter Escape! Feb 6-8th

snow burpees

It will be our 3rd year in a row that we head to the mountains to snowboard, ski and just get away. The Lee’s are gracious enough to offer their house to us for the weekend! Friday Feb 6th-Feb 8th.

We will head up Friday night/afternoon. Lots of people will snowboard or ski on Saturday but I also know there are some that are going to snowshoe. We usually relax Sunday and try to head home before traffic gets bad!

There are plenty of beds and plenty of space for air mattresses! Please RSVP ASAP for a bed/room. If you are FB pleases RSVP in the event. If you are not on FB please tell Court!  We as we get closer to the event we will figure out food. We never go hungry that is for sure with lots of Paleo food, some cocktails and a hot tub to cap off the night!

Even if you are unable to stay the whole weekend and can come for the day we would love to have you!

I also think we are going to make this an adult only weekend. Let me know though if this is a problem for anyone 🙂