Why do You Functional Fitness?

We all have our own reasons for participating in Functional Fitness; the competition, the community, the consistent challenge, or the results,  the list can go on and on.  The point is we all found Functional Fitness for most likely similar reasons, however we all have our own reasons for continuing.  This video documents Johnny Medina III and his father as they both explain how Functional Fitness has effected both of their lives.  Obviously Functional Fitness has effected all of our lives in some form, however this story is unique because before they found Functional Fitness 17 year old Johnny had a history of getting  in trouble and running with the wrong crowd.  Through Functional Fitness it has allowed Johnny to find a different focus and outlet, in addition it has allow him and his Father to bond and push each other.  Coach Glassman has said “the largest adaptation to Functional Fitness is the adaptation that happens between the ears.”  I’m sure we can all relate to this, and I think this documentary is a great example of that.  As you watch this video, think about the things that push you and ask yourself why do you Functional Fitness?