Whole Life Challenge Reminder!!!

Please make sure you submit your daily results by 9 pm.  If your having log in issues direct any of those questions to the Whole Life Challenge support team.  Other questions please ask us, you can email or facebook us as well.  In addition please make sure when in putting your WOD scores, make sure to click on the score option and then enter the total number of reps performed during the AMRAP.  With that being said, first weekend in the books and we’ve already have had some good numbers come in.  As you all go through each day of this game, keep your goals in mind.  Reminder yourself of what it is you’re trying to get out of this game.  If your score was 5 one day challenge yourself to get a 6 the next day.  This game can be anything you want it to be.  It can be a game that can help get you back on track, or a game that could help you accomplish goals you never thought were attainable.  It’s early but be your biggest support group by continually reminding yourself that signing up for anything is half the battle, the other half is on you to accomplish what you want to accomplish.  Lastly failing to plan is planning to fail.  The more you are prepared throughout this game the more successful you will be. 

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