Wednesday 130206

Reminder the 6:15 class will be cancelled tonight do the Nutrition Seminar.  Bring a family member or friend and help them get any questions they may have answered. 

Warm up:

With a Partner Perform 3 Rds NFT:

  • MB Squat Tosses x 8 ea
  • Partner Feet Throwdown x 15 ea


3 Sets:

  • Low Bar Back Squat x 10 (Comp @ 73% of 1 RM)
  • “Strict” Pull Ups x ME (If you can do more then 15 UB Reps add wt.)


A) In Teams of 3 Perform AMRAP in 5 Minutes

  • Rope Climbs

Rest 3 Minutes

B) In Teams of 4 Perform AMRAP in 10 Minutes

  • 20m Sled Push
  • ¬†Mobility