Thursday 101007

I like the concentration Justin!


3 Rds AMRAP in 90 seconds Rd 1, 60 sec Rd 2, 30 sec Rd 3

  • Lateral Box/Stick Hop
  • Cone Agility
  • Parallette Jump
  • Agility Ladder Push ups
  • Back Extension


Coaches Thoughts: Today we really emphasized agility and explosiveness, all the stations today added a little different variation to the exercises which we’re used to performing.  As for thoughts for the day, we can all improve our agility and lateral movement.  In addition the bench hop was a little more of a mental test than most were expecting, therefore that is definitely an area we can also improve in.  Highlight for the day was watching everyone trying their hardest to get over the bench barrier, as Courtney V getting a new PR on push jerk (135).

Quote of the Day: “I’m not chasing down criminals or anything, but I’ve lost 15 Lbs and my volleyball game has gotten better.” Chris Singer

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