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  • Run 5K outside

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Happy Sunday,

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. We are making progress on the gym, but the rain is not helping. Mark(Brandon’s Dad) has been hard at work on the pull up system but the rain is not helping as he needs to be able to weld outside. However, we are getting close and hope to have it up tomorrow. Mark is really ready for the gym to be open so that he can get some rest! We can’t thank him enough for his help over the last month! Yesterday was lots of running around and the 25th trip to home depot. We did use our Functional Fitness skills though while loading 12 sheets of MDF into Court’s truck. Not only did we use our skills to do shoulder presses but Court through in some thruster as well. Nice to know the training works! With the help of Donavon(Court’s brother) we got the Surge sign up outside, the sign on the door as well as some cleaning done thanks to Sharon(Court’s mom), Megan and D3.

Thanks to our visitors yesterday Aaron, Susan, Carmen and their kiddo’s, who were loving the echo in the building and even did a forward roll and burpee for us!  Also thanks to Tracy and Aaron for offering to help yesterday, sorry we weren’t in a place we could take you up on the offer!

Today we will be staining the platforms, painting the baseboards, and some cleaning. We will be doing the 5K this evening!

Photo taken by Donavon Facey. Thanks for the awesome shot!

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