Friday 101001 Highlights

We’re going to start something new at CFS.  Each day we will be looking back on the day and reflecting on the results and provide some highlights that occurred throughout the day.

Today was a great test over what we’ve worked on throughout this week, the clean.  Today was a little different since we haven’t worked a ton on squat clean.  Court and I were extremely proud of everyone who came in and attacked this WOD.  As for what we all need to work on: getting a good pull and hip extension and than drive and push your self under the weight.  We saw a lot people getting better explosion and speed on the bar, but when it came time to push your seleves under the weight many of you had trouble with that.  Therefore that’s just something we’re going to have to all work on, because we can all get better.  The clean is an extremely technical movement, it takes thousands upon thousands of repetitions to perfect this movement, and even then there really is not perfection. 

As for highlights: Edna and Charli you two get the trophy for today.  You both worked your tails off during the WOD and finished in a blistering time, in addition you both did it with much better form and range of motion, GREAT JOB!  Concluding the WOD, you both took it upon yourselves together to run out and help the remaining athletes finish their final sprint home.  Court and I can’t express the pride we both had and felt seeing both of you running out and providing that extra encouragement for those who needed it.  Along with Edna and Charli’s team work, it was bittersweet having Nate come in for the last time this week.  Unfortunately he has to head back to Virginia and his box Functional Fitness Capital Jiu-Jitsu .  It was an honor having you come into our box while you were here spending time out with your family.  Thank you so much for the great attitude and hard work you provided while you were here, we’re going to miss you.

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