December to Burn (Calories)…Yeah Burpees!

Can’t think of a better time to initiate a challenge that will lead to some extra work done everyday!

50 Days of Burpees Starts December 1st!

We are going to a burpee challenge starting December 1st. Most burpees challenges start with 1 on day one and count up, we decided we wanted to go the other way. We are going to start at 50, and go down 1 rep a day.  You can choose to do your burpees however you would like, you can do them all in one shot, you can do sets at different times of the day, whatever you would like. You can do them at the gym with some company too!  The challenge is to do the burpees everyday till day 50. You are not allowed to miss any days, once you miss a day you are done. If you miss a day you can make it up the following day but you are only allowed to do that twice in the 50 days!

For everyday that you complete your burpees you will get your name put into the drawing for some awesome prizes, that will be well worth winning! In order for us to track who is participating you must post when you complete the burpees you should post your name to the comments, and please post how you did them, for time, in sets etc.


I say learn to flop!
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