Daily “Construction WOD”

Wednesday: Courtney and Brandon’s Construction workout…if you want to join us drop by!

  • Unload off trailer 50 sheets of 4×6 rubber that weight 100lbs, drag across gym…change your mind about location, move to other side of gym
  • Load all equipment into truck(including 500lbs of weight, 500lbs dumbbells, med balls, rower, squat racks, bars, etc)
  • Unload all equipment out of truck…move 3 times because we are not sure where it’s final destination will be
  • Climb up and down ladder for one┬áhour finishing paint, and bathroom ceiling
  • Carry steel pull-up system from trailer to back of gym, secure it to the wall and floor…carry second half, repeat

Then consume a 2-5 block Zone/Paleo meal every 3 hours…

Collapse into bed!

We are making progress! If all goes as planned we will be ready on SATURDAY! Hope to see you all there.

Times TBA

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