6 Week Nutrition Class & Pose Running Clinic

Four Weeks ago we started the strength class on Saturday mornings.  Since then we have seen significant improvements with each athlete.  With that being said we’re considering putting together a nutrition class that will meet once a week for 6 weeks.  Each time we’ve held a nutrition seminar we’ve answered a lot of questions, however it seems a week later that information is lost.  Furthermore each time we’ve held a nutrition challenge the success rate for those finishing the challenge is significantly lower then we’d like to see.  Therefore, the goal for this class will be to not only be to help answer specific questions, but also add a level of accountability to your nutrition.  Looking at the hierarchy of an athlete, nutrition is the foundation for health and fitness.  We see day in and day out athletes working their tails off in the gym, but are not allowing themselves to reap all the rewards of their hard work.  In addition there are quite a few athletes who have made changes to their nutrition and have had amazing results, but are now hitting the natural plateau and now need to make specific modifications in order keep those results coming.  The class will be limited to 6-8 people and the cost of the class will be $100, spots will be first come first serve.  We need a minimum of 5 people to sign up for the class in order for it to run.  Please register to comments or let one of the coaches know your interested.

With spring right around the corner and vast amount of races that come up during this time.  Now is a great time to work on your running technique.  In most “Endurance” training protocols the template has the athlete run a crazy amount of volume and focus little if not at all on technique, which increases the likely hood or over training and injury.  One of our many goals at Surge Elite Performance & Fitness has always been to help improve athletes mechanics and efficiency with any given movement.  Looking at running as a skill and learning specific drills that will help improve this skill can help any runner no matter what their skill level may currently be.  This Pose running clinic will be for a single day will cost $20, members and non members are welcome for this clinic.  Please register to comments, or let us know if you have any questions.

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  1. amber

    I can’t do the seminar, but I’d definitely participate if we do a gym-wide W30 or nutritional challenges or anything!