6 Days In

We’re 6 days into the Whole Life Challenge and hope everyone is enjoying the changes that you’re making.  If you having a hard time getting all your points for each day, one thing that will help the most will be to PREPARE.  Remember failing to plan is planning to fail.  Now that we’re 6 days into the challenge I’m sure some of you are finding out that convenience often out weights your best choices.  Therefore the more prepared you are each day the more success you will see over the course of this challenge. 

This is a picture that was taken a little over 3 years ago, so please disregard half the items you see.  This was taken when Court and I began our first ever Zone Challenge.  It was a challenge that lasted 50 days and didn’t allow us to eat processed foods, which means some of the items in this pic were extremely off limits.  As you can see in the picture we had a lot of cut up foods in Tupperware containers.  Personally this was a life saver, it was one tool that made all the difference from success and failure.  As you’re going through this challenge take it upon yourself to not only change the foods you eat but also change the habits in which it comes preparing the foods you eat.  Take a day each week to prepare a large amount of food.  Cook, cut and package these foods so you can take them to go.  Not only will this help but it can also be FUN!!!